After graduating from Glasgow School of Art an Art & Design teacher, Gwen has combined her passion for teaching with her own art.  For the past 15 years Gwen has a shown and developed an impressive following across Scotland.

Her recent work explores various themes, but the people often predominate in figure compositions and in portraits. With a personal fascination by the way the disposition of figures can create a story in the mind of the viewer, which possibly comes from her training as an illustrator. 

Birds began to appear alongside the performers, and have now become a subject in themselves, as their colours, shapes and textures are lovely to paint. There is also something knowing about birds. Still life painting demands a balance of pattern and shape, which gives scope for exploring colour.  Gwen strongly believes that the paint should be part of the painting, and that the marks themselves should add to the image.

Commissioning Artwork

If you like the style and have a particular subject in mind then it may be possible to commission a piece from the particular artist.

The Atelier Gallery has managed many commissions for our clients and believe it is a unique and fun way of purchasing art. We are here to simplify a process that allows you to become fully engaged, as appropriate, with the design and development of a bespoke piece of artwork.

To discuss how to process then please contact us at

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