A Studio, Workshop and Gallery ATELIER facilitates the creation, presentation and promotion of Original Art.

The Studio and Workshop
From the in-house Studio, with artist in residence Linda Park, at Atelier we have an environment conducive to creation.
In the basement workshop we are able to offer a Framing service to artists.

An Artist Centric Approach
Working closely with artists to build and develop a strong relationship and understanding of each other, we ensure that "a body of work" is on show to provide viewers with a representative selection and full flavour of their style and techniques. In addition, where necessary we can support through our in-house framing service.

Presenting Original Art
Atelier presents art from a range of sources from well known Scottish and British artists to those from further afield on the International stage. All art is original and we look forward to showing and hopefully giving further insight into the work and story behind the artist.

The Atelier Gallery was created to be original and contemporary whilst always respecting the art that adorns its wall.
atelier (noun) a'tel.i.ei - a building or a studio where an artist works
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To view works please come and visit us at:

The Atelier Gallery
5 Howard Street


Monday not open
Tuesday to Friday: 10am to 5pm
Saturday and Sunday: 11am to 5pm

As a working studio we are often open beyond the core hours stated, so if our lights are on, please do come in or feel free to contact us to check before visiting.

Email: info@theateliergallery.co.uk


+44 (0) 7711 768 258