Purity 20x20cm £300
Purity 20x20cm £300
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Purity 20x20cm £300
Purity 20x20cm £300
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Living and working in the West Highlands of Scotland, Becca’s move to Scotland in 2020 has been an incredible artistic journey. Residing and working from her studio, based in Otter Ferry on the shores of Loch Fyne,  an artistic opportunity is literally on her doorstep and that dramatic colour sunset just a short bike ride away.  

Living by the water gives her constant inspiration and she endeavours to encapsulate the atmosphere of the ever-changing scenery that the West Coast presents. 

The remoteness has allowed her to appreciate untouched natural beauty and develop a new perception of light and perspective.  Through her use of oils, Becca continues to develop her obvious talent for detail to create an intense depth of colour combined with a relaxing calm and sense of peace.

Commissioning Artwork

If you like the style and have a particular subject in mind then it may be possible to commission a piece from the particular artist.

The Atelier Gallery has managed many commissions for our clients and believes it is a unique and personal way of purchasing art. We are here to simplify a process that allows you to become fully engaged, as appropriate, with the design and development of a bespoke piece of artwork.

To discuss how to proceed then please contact us at info@theateliergallery.co.uk

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